Orca Trading Card Pack

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Did you know the Southern Resident orcas have their own trading cards? A complete set of cards covering the “J”, “K”, & “L” pods of resident Orcas that live in Pacific Northwest waters. Each card features a different member of the Southern Resident Community, along with cool information about our region's amazing orcas. Orcas live in family groups called pods that travel and hunt together. Pods are matrilineal, which means they are led by their oldest females. Because calves never leave their mothers, up to five generations of orcas have been documented living together. Orcas can live into their 90s.

Majestic orcas are the marine wildlife icons of the Pacific Northwest. They need clean water and plenty of salmon to thrive. The Seattle Aquarium and our partners are working to help protect these amazing creatures. Read on to find out how you can help, and come visit us at the Puget Sound Orcas: Family Activity Center at the Seattle Aquarium to learn more.

Also known as killer whales, orcas are playful, intelligent and social animals. They make unique calls to communicate with each other and use echolocation to find food.

The orcas that are seen in our local waters are part of the Southern Resident Community, composed of J, K and L pods. The most recent count finds 90 orcas in the Southern Resident Community. The Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island conducts annual surveys of the orca population; visit their website at whaleresearch.com for the most up-to-date information.